How often do you publish blog posts and other content marketing material? If you find it hard to get information out there on a regular enough basis, this post may help. It’s about the approach I use for developing content on my blogs.

Wake up your brain

Before my family woke up this morning, I had written 3 blog posts, 2 of which are now published.

I mention this, because I regularly hear intelligent, educated people telling me they ‘just can’t’ write a few posts a week.

So, I decided to write this, my 4th post of the morning, to explain how I manage to do it; even though I am no brighter than they are and at least as busy!

Here are a few of the things I have in mind, when I write my blog posts:

They are not perfect, they are blog posts

I never aim for perfection. I aim to write something that is useful or at least interesting in some way.

The pursuit of perfection is often called ‘the dream killer’. I agree. It is also pointless! It stops you in your tracks.

Just write the best you can, when you can, and watch the results. Learn, adjust and move on.

They are not detailed guides on how to do something extremely complex, they are blog posts

I give my clients detailed answers to their unique challenges. However, in blog posts,

I give my readers some ideas, answers and insights that are appropriate for the platform. My posts are not intended as a replacement to hiring professional help.

They are intended to provide an additional resource. Don’t try and give consultations disguised as blog posts. It will take you forever and no one will thank you.

They are not novels, they are blog posts

Many bloggers insist on churning out 1000 / 1500 word blog posts. Most of my blog posts are between 400 and 700 words long. Some are under 100.

Learn how to get your point across clearly, and in as few words as possible. This makes your content more information rich and less fluffy.

My most popular posts are almost always the shorter ones.

Content marketing needs content

If you want to build your readership and for your blog to remain relevant, you need to turn up regularly.

So, the next time you find yourself believing you can’t manage to write a few blog posts a week, make sure you not expecting too much from yourself.

If I set myself some of the barriers other people do, I wouldn’t be able to produce regular content either.

“True creativity arises from scarcity itself”.

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