This post is all about helping you to improve the results you currently get from your blog. New bloggers and those of you who are frustrated with your progress, are most likely to find this post useful. If that sounds like you, read on!


Blogging, frustration and getting rich quick

The Internet is littered with blogs, which have been left to rot. Worse still, some of these blogs have REALLY great content on them, from gifted writers. But the blogger decided to stop.

Often, the decision to quit comes when the blogger decides he or she isn’t seeing the results they hoped for. They thought that after 4, 5 or 6 months of blogging their tail off, they would be seeing a lot more traffic, more inquiries or more sales / affiliate income. They read posts by those lying bastards, who make it sound like blogging is a get rich quick scheme.

Yes, you can make a very good income from the sale of services, goods and affiliate fees, but this does not come quick and you need to do the right things, correctly!

So, why continue?

The reason to continue, is that with the correct approach, in time you can develop a massively valuable commercial asset.

If you are frustrated with your current blogging progress or you simply want to achieve better results, check out these 6 tips:

  • Write great content, as often as you can. A blog that is only updated a handful of times a month will take a lot longer to develop than an equally good blog, updated several times a week. This post will help!
  • Make sure your blog theme is using clean code, which Google and Co can crawl effectively. This is one of the top tips from Google’s Matt Cutts.
  • Make sure your content is extremely easy to share on social networks, using share options like those at the bottom of this post. This is really important. Although it takes time to get high volume, targeted search traffic, you can start getting share traffic very quickly. Share traffic from Twitter, Facebook etc, was what got me my initial readers and the initial links to my blog.
  • Links are what drive search traffic. So, you need to get as many links pointing to your site as you can, especially from sites that Google already trusts. One ethical way to do this is to write linkable content. In other words, write posts that other bloggers will want to link to as a resource. One of the most common types of linkable content, are list posts. Posts where you publish survey results are also often linked to.
  • Think about the posts that you link to and use them for inspiration. Get to know other bloggers and help each other out. Bloggers are just like everyone else. Some are total assholes, others are super-helpful. Success leaves clues.
  • Look at the blogs that you read regularly and share. What do they do, that you currently don’t? Look and learn.

There are many elements to developing a successful blog, and those are just a few. I will be covering blog development regularly here on Contentsmania, so remember to subscribe!

Over to you!

So, what would you list as tip number 7 in that list – What are YOUR tips for developing a successful blog?

What are the areas of blogging, which you find most challenging?

Please take a moment to share your feedback or suggestions, with a comment.

“An entrepreneur sees opportunities where others only see problems”.

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