As we have seen on other occasions, content marketing is one of the most effective strategies to achieve the natural positioning of a website within the different search engines.

It is a technique that does not require investment in advertising to obtain great results. As a concept, content marketing is very broad, so in this post we are going to summarize some of the content marketing ideas for your blog.

Creativity in content marketing

The importance of being different is key to good SEO positioning. If you offer the same as the others, your readers will get bored. A good marketing plan has to start from the strategy to end in creativity. This means that its development must include the achievement of objectives with tools that know how to capture the attention of users.

Content marketing, therefore, must be reflected in original writing as well as persuasive. A writing capable of moving feelings and emotions, through a relevant message of interest to the reader.

The art of communication

Like the different artistic disciplines, such as painting or sculpture, communication is also an art that you have to know how to practice properly. If you don’t treat the information carefully and carefully, it can backfire on you.

When we talk about the art of communication we are referring to a process that is not limited to launching into writing without further ado. For the words to have the necessary weight, there must be a prior study of the audience, documentation on the topic to be discussed, writing without spelling mistakes, marketing knowledge and indirect advertising persuasion techniques.


Web content marketing ideas

Most bloggers limit themselves to simple copywriting, not knowing that there are ways to make their content more attractive. The written word has great power, which increases if it is accompanied by other elements that help to better understand the message.

These are some ideas to make your blog an original and attractive space:

Text yes, but with images

Every now and then, put together a collage of images that speak for themselves. The power of visual communication is undeniable. For this reason, it is essential to break the monotony of linear text to brighten the eyes of your readers.

Use GIFs

A fun and enjoyable way to illustrate your content is by using animated GIFs. These small moving images are back in fashion thanks to social networks. And the truth is that they are highly valued by users, since they make reading a much more enjoyable and entertaining process.

The weight of influencers

An important idea for a good content marketing strategy is to have the collaboration of an influencer for the creation of video information. From time to time, use this format to display positive opinions or reviews about your products and / or services. Users are very much guided by what other people think before deciding whether to buy or not.

Host a webinar

Analyze your abilities well and think about teaching your knowledge to others. What is your company specialized in? What do you do best? Training is one of the values ​​that you can give to your followers.

Consider hosting a chat that is no more than an hour long, and host it using Google’s Hangouts tool. It is free and will allow you to interact with your audience live.

Create a podcast

This communication element can be very useful to give another meaning to your blog. The audio formats can be created as small radio programs in which you can include interviews with characters related to your activity, current news, etc. We continue with more content marketing ideas for your blog.

What are webseries

This is a concept little known even in our country. However, some companies have already started creating their own web series. Among the content marketing ideas for your blog, this is the most innovative of all. It can be fictional content.

However, what the public is valuing the most are the webseries in which they can see the day-to-day life of their favorite brand, as well as all its processes.


Relate your company or brand with an app

Among content marketing ideas, apps are a very powerful marketing tool. Add value to your products by linking them with an app that provides your customers with the necessary information.

For example, Adidas has linked its brand with the MiCoach app. A virtual personal trainer configured with the voices of elite athletes to help people exercise. This application also has its own blog that further completes all its services.

Blogs, the cornerstone of content marketing

A blog with content of a different nature will always be much more attractive to users. It is about giving a twist to what we all already know. And it is that information in text format will never die, but it needs to be supported by other communication models that give it much more power than it already has.

A very common mistake many bloggers make is filling their blogs with written information. Pages and pages of text that, in the end, will not be read by your followers, thus losing their loyalty.

New technologies are giving companies and brands the opportunity to be much more creative in a world in which consumers are increasingly digital. Put these ideas into practice and you will see how the volume of your web traffic increases considerably.

“Give them quality. It is the best type of advertising there is”.

Sergio Suárez, CEO in Contentsmania.

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